i will fix php bugs, html error, mysql error and develop

Sep 22, 2018
i will fix php bugs, html error, mysql error and develop

I am a Professional Software engineer. Hands on PHP development, MySQLjQueryCSS, and JavaScript. Have experience of five years of web development, desktop app, mobile app, Web scraping, APIs. PHP Developer/Web Developer /Web Scraper/ API Specialist.

Is your PHP,Jquery,Javascript and Mysql script not working?

Do you see bugs/errors on screen and want them gone?

Do you have script installation issues?

Are you having database linking issues?

Is there an error in your  PHP,Jquery,Javascript and Mysql  script?

Is your script not pulling correct data from your database?

Do you want to add additional features to your PHP website?

Or you are having any issues or bugs  with PHP script?

get in touch with me  and Let the ‘Pro’ handle it!

I will fix: 

  • Fix PHP Bugs
  • Fix HTML Bugs
  • Fix MySQL Queries Bugs
  • Fix Javascript Bugs
  • Fix Jquery Bugs
  • Fix Database Queries Bugs
  • Login with Facebook using PHP
  • Login with Google account using PHP

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